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Native American Costume

Summit Details 

Friday, September 24, 2021

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5 Minute introduction to Nevada Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents 

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5 Minute introduction to Nevada African American Administrators and Superintendents  Association

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20 Minute Keynote by CCSD's Superintendent, Dr. Jara

Leading With a Racial Equity Agenda in a Time of Pandemic"

Guadalupe Guerrero will take you on a ​​jouney into his expereince and what has worked in schools.

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Influencing The Talent Lifecycle

Dr. William Blackford will give you a power punch presentation. The Talent Lifecycle consists of the processes and decisions in your team and organization that impact people. Could mitigating bias improve the processes and decisions we make daily? As a leader at any level, you can identify opportunities to influence The Talent Lifecyle through leadership behavior, engaging people-related processes and organizational culture to reinforce the High-Performance Zone, where people feel valued, respected, and included  .

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Instructional Design: Moving Beyond Equity

If you know Lisa Ford, you know that equity in instruction has always been her forte. Lisa will take you on a pathway that will give you actionable strategies in your school's instructional design that will increase achievement for all students.

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Experiencing Equity as a Black Woman: The Truth!

Tiffany Young is an accomplished African American Equity Director for the Washoe County School District who has experienced challenges while leading as a Black Woman. Tiffany will talk about resilience, triumph, change, and the real work of changing mindsets while being a woman of color!

Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Equity in Action: Relationships Matter

Kendrick Kumabe will engage the audience in real-life experiences when coaching African American students to succeed. He explores relationship building within our school community to bridge the inequality gap.

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Disproportionality in School Based Discipline Results in Negative System Involvement

Jack Martin, Director of the Clark County Department of Juvenile Justice Services will walk attendees through a school to prision pipeline while highlighting his own journey.

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Acknowledging and Managing Implicit Bias 

Dr. Bryant Marks will provide a 3-hour in-depth implicit bias training for educators and policymakers. This is a compelling presentation that keeps the audience engaged as we work out our own possible biases. 

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Leading as a Woman 

Christina Kishimoto will inspire you to lead regardless of obstacles faced. She will also take you into the experience of women superintendents and women leaders in education while succeeding in educational equity. 

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Not Enough to "Do Equity" You Must "Be Equity"!

The topic in education today is the topic of EQUITY. At its core, equity means, "meeting youngsters where they are, as they are." Principal Kafele argues that this requires a teacher who possess an "EQUITY MINDSET" He asserts that if equity is all about meeting the individual needs of all learners in the classroom, "equity can't be solely something THAT YOU DO." He states that "equity must additionally be WHO YOU ARE."

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